Director of Operations, International Group Division
Robin has been with Wilcox Travel since 1996 (with a lapse from 2006-2008 to stay home with her child.).  She previously managed a large corporate travel department in Charlotte NC for over 10 years.

Her position here in the International Group Division entails travel planning and operations of international tour groups, incentive travel, and an expertise in missionary and humanitarian groups. She specializes in Middle Eastern Group tours including Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey ...


  • ISRAEL / THE HOLY LANDWhy I LOVE Israel?  Not only is it my favorite place, but it’s also a very important and integral part of my job, sending pilgrims and groups there to see and walk through the various place in the Bible and of Jesus life, is truly amazing!  I’m not particularly religious, but once you’ve visited these places where Jesus walked, listen to both your licensed tour guide as well as your spiritual leader, even an atheist would feel the holy spirit!   The Garden of Gethsemane, House of Caiaphas, Southern Steps, Jacob’s Well, Sea of Galilee, etc.  One visit isn’t enough, had to take my family back, twice!  Did I mention the breakfast!
  • ITALYRiding bicycles through the historic Piazza della Signoria City Square in the heart of Florence and all of its side streets.  Strapping a box of homemade Italian pizza to the back of your bicycle with your scarf and taking it back to your swanky hotel for a late-night snack!
  • TURKEY -  Kusadasi, visiting a local workshop to learn about Turkey’s highest art form, carpet weaving.  Since their introduction by nomadic Seljuks in the 12th century, woven rugs have been essential pieces of tent furniture.  Here we saw traditional yarn production (wool and silk); natural dyes being made from roots, bark, berries, and minerals; and, of course, people who are actually weaving.  And then the purchase (you saved for months), and the arrival of your own Turkish carpet into your home 30 days later!  What excitement!  Or was that a credit card purchase?  😊
  • GERMANYThe small cities and riding the trains through the picturesque countryside.  Seeing how the children get on and off the train that’s also used as the school bus from home to school.  Reminds me of home in the mountains of Western North Carolina!  Not the train, but the terrain. The quaint town of Oberammergau in the winter of 1999 with my husband.  Snow began falling on our arrival.  We visited the Turmwirt Hotel and had the pleasure of getting to know Georg Glas, the local owner and Wilcox family friend for many generations!  A highlight of our time in Oberammergau was visiting the Passion Play Theatre. 
  • SWITZERLANDBesides the grandiose mountains, cobblestoned alleys, stained-glass windows, medieval guild houses, crisp clean air and natural lakes, who can resist shopping at the famous Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich! If you can afford it, or at least window shop and dream!  Don’t show up there at the train station, no Swiss francs, or at a random hotel at midnight hoping for a room without paying high dollar, get a Travel Agent!



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