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Since 1953 we have been serving travelers all across the globe.

We are experienced travel professionals dedicated to making your next excursion, “the carefree journey of a lifetime!” Let us handle the details, the paperwork, and the reservations, so you can enjoy a truly worry-free trip!

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Missionary Travel
Traveling with or on behalf of a non-profit organization or church, then you owe it to yourself to look inside.
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Group Tours
Since 1970, we have been providing stellar sightseeing tours of the Holy Land, surrounding countries, and Europe.
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Vacation Travel
Need vacation travel in a hurry? You are only a few clicks away from your dream vacation! Choose your destination...
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Wellness Travel
Do you need an extra nudge to help kickstart your relaxation when you go on vacation? Or maybe you already life a healthy lifestyle but worry going on vacation might tempt you into...
Italy in Two Weeks
Italy is a dream destination for travelers. Art, history, food, and culture draw people in from all over the world. Every region has a unique flavor, style, and lifestyle. You coul...
Cash, Card, or Both When Traveling?
So your travel agent has helped you plan your dream vacation. Soon you will be flying or sailing to a country you’ve never been to before, ready to soak up the culture, enjoy the...

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"Our tour guide was exceptional. Great knowledge of history and gifted with linking to scripture. And we laughed a lot too!"
Kathy W.
"It could not have been better, the room, the location, the roof top swimming pool."
Marylou D.
"This experience has brought the black and white words of the Bible into living color pictures."
Sharon & Barry
"Thank you for all your help in getting the trip set up for us. It was absolutely the best vacation we've ever had."
Dean R.
"Thank you CJ for all you did!!! It was a lot of work and I appreciate all you did for us. You were so helpful."
Delo B.

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