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Travel to Costa Rica for Wildlife, Adventure, and Delicious Coffee

Feeling a bit drained lately? It might be time to take a trip to Costa Rica! Costa Rica has all the perks of a tropical destination such as stunning beaches and mesmerizing sunsets. What sets this Central American country apart from other tropical paradises are the lush rainforests, towering volcanoes, and rich valleys of coffee plantations.

Animal lovers and photographers pack your bags for Costa Rica. There is such a wide array of exotic plants and animals that live in the jungles you’ll be enchanted with every step. Spider monkeys, tree frogs, sloths, and brightly colored birds such as quetzals and macaws are sights to be seen when walking through the vibrant rainforests.

Costa Rica is an adventurer’s playground. From ziplining, white water rafting, surfing, hiking, and cycling, Costa Rica has it all. The rugged terrain of Costa Rica will certainly make you sweat, luckily there are beaches and waterfalls where you can cool-off after a big hike up one of the many volcanoes.

Of course, you’ll need some energy for all the adventuring you’ll be doing so you must try some Costa Rican coffee and visit a coffee plantation. Coffee is a major export of Costa Rica and the high-quality beans ensure your days of hiking and sightseeing will be off to a great start.

Costa Rica is an exciting alternative to a beach vacation. It is a great place to visit if you enjoy nature and adventure. Surprisingly, it is also an affordable place to travel. Talk to your travel agent today to book your next vacation to Costa Rica.