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Top Reasons to Plan a Trip to France This Fall

Have you always wanted to visit France but wanted to avoid the crowds and premium costs of travelling during peak season? Fall is an excellent time of year to take in the art, history, and natural beauty that has made France such a remarkable destination for hundreds of years. From the lively cosmopolitan city of Paris to the relaxed countryside of Provence, France provides a variety of dreamlike atmospheres that suit all types of travelers.

Paris is a must for the art-lovers and shopping enthusiasts. The Louvre is one of many world-renowned art museums in the famous City of Light. Visiting the museums between September and November is a great time to take advantage of the smaller crowds. Paris is also one of the fashion capitals of the world. Traveling in the fall will save you a lot of money on hotels, with savings like that you can justify splurging on that Louis Vuitton purse.

Are the rolling hills in southern France more your style? Autumn is a fantastic time to enjoy the changing leaves and rich landscapes. It is a photographer’s paradise. During the fall months the temperature is ideal for sitting outside, enjoying a glass of wine and admiring the beauty that surrounds you. It is also a perfect time of year to visit the markets in Provence. The markets are a famous draw when traveling to southern France. By autumn the crowds of tourists will have gone away, allowing you to fully envelope yourself in all the sights, smells and tastes as you leisurely stroll through the marketplace.

France is for everyone. There are countless ways to experience and enjoy this magnificent country, appealing to a variety of diverse travel styles. As personalized as every experience is when traveling to France, fall is always a fantastic time to visit.