200619 – Reformation Tour & Passion Play Hosted by John & Celia Frye



June 19-28, 2020
$6249.00 Round Trip From Charlotte NC

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Dear Fellow Pilgrims,

Few practices within faith communities are as persistent and powerful as the act of making pilgrimage. The act is present in most religions, but is especially powerful in the Christian Church. Visits to the Holy Land, the great cathedrals, and the encounter with scripture on its original terrain are all powerful and compelling. Many would identify such experiences as life changing. Few specific opportunities are as compelling as the Passion Play in Oberammergau, Germany. In 1633 the town had yet to experience the devastating effects of the Black Plague. Citizens decided that insofar as God spared them from the disaster they would perform a rendering of the suffering, death, and resurrection of Christ Jesus every 10th year. Pilgrims have ventured from afar to experience the telling of the greatest story across the years. In 2020 our group will be venturing to Germany to attend the 42nd performance during this 400 year period. Come and visit the heart of Reformation Germany with us as an act of devotion and pilgrimage! Our visit will take us into an area steeped in deep passion for the faith and kept fresh by the constant retelling the story of God’s great love. Prayerfully contemplate this opportunity that only comes our way a few times in our lifetime. Please consider joining us!

Grace and peace,
John and Celia Frye



Destination: GERMANY





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Day 01FRIDAY, JUNE 19 – DEPARTURE   –   Today we depart Charlotte for our flight to Berlin.

 Day 02 – SATURDAY, JUNE 20 – ARRIVE BERLIN  –  We arrive in Berlin early this morning where we will be met by our tour manager and private deluxe motor coach. While in Berlin, we’ll visit Checkpoint Charlie, the most famous crossing between East and West Berlin during the Cold War.  The Bonhoeffer Museum will be our next stop.  Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a pastor, professor of theology, and member of the Resistance, consistently and staunchly resisted Hitler’s regime, and for this he paid with his life.  His book, The Cost of Discipleship, poignantly uses Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount to explain what he believed it really meant to follow Christ.   Following our tour of the museum, we will travel to Wittenberg, officially Lutherstadt-Wittenberg. Here, along the river Elbe, Martin Luther, following the dictates of his conscience, began the movement that would become the Protestant Reformation. Following check in, we’ll celebrate the beginning of the tour with a welcome dinner.

Day 03 – SUNDAY, JUNE 21 – WITTENBERG  –  Today our tour of Wittenberg will immerse us in the life of Martin Luther.  We will visit the Castle Church, where Martin Luther nailed his famous 95 Theses to the door.  We’ll visit Luther House, his family home, the City Church where he preached, and the “Luther Oak,” a tree planted on the site where Luther defiantly burned Pope Leo X’s letter excommunicating him from the church! This burning of the “Papal bull” illustrates Luther’s courage and determination to stand his ground in the face of persecution. Wittenberg is also the home of Melanchthon, a collaborator in theology with Luther, and who stands with Luther and Calvin in the reformation movement.  At the end of our day a relaxing dinner awaits us as we conclude our second night in Wittenberg. 

Day 04 – MONDAY, JUNE 22 – WITTENBERG / EISLEBEN / ERFURT  –  This morning we depart Wittenberg and travel to Eisleben, referred to as Lutherstadt Eisleben, one of the oldest towns in the region. In Eisleben we’ll see Luther’s birthplace and the site of his death.  Our tour of Eisleben will continue with a visit to St. Anne’s Church and Monastery, where Luther served as vicar and preached his last sermon.  Our last stop in Eisleben is the Church of St. Peter & Paul  before we travel to Erfurt to tour the Augustinian Monastery and Martin Luther Memorial.  We check into our hotel for the next two nights.

Day 05 – TUESDAY, JUNE 23 –  ERFURT /EISENACH / ERFURT  –  Our day takes us from Erfurt to the charming town of Eisenach and a tour of Wartburg Castle.  This medieval fairytale castle is a delight to the eye and a favorite of the “locals.”  Built in 1097, it has survived intact to this day.  Here at Wartburg Castle, Martin Luther, after being declared a heretic and sentenced to death, fled and hid under the protection of a German prince.  While at Wartburg, Luther, who disguised himself by growing a beard and calling himself Juker Jorg, translated the Bible into German. Eisenach is not      only significant for events in the life of Martin Luther, it is also significant as the birthplace of Johann Sebastian Bach. We’ll tour the Bach House Museum and enjoy a concert featuring Baroque instruments.  A visit to St.George’s Church will conclude this day’s tour before we return to our hotel in Erfurt for the evening.

Day 06 – WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24 – ERFURT / WORMS / HEIDELBERG  –  Not only did Martin Luther defy the pope, Leo X, he also defied the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V.  Today, we will visit the site of Luther’s Worms debates where Luther’s defiance resulted in his refusal to recant his writings.  We will also visit the Worms Reformation Monument.  Here in beautiful Heidelberg, the Heidelberg Catechism was composed in 1563.  Called “a warm hearted and personalized confession of faith,” the Heidelberg was composed originally as a teaching instrument to promote religious unity, and is still in frequent use today in reformed churches throughout the world.  This evening’s dinner will be at a local winery.  We check into our hotel in Heidelberg for the night.

Day 07 – THURSDAY, JUNE 25 – HEIDELBERG / ROTHENBURG ob der TAUBER  –  Today begins with a tour of Heidelberg Castle.  The view from Heidelberg Castle is described by Mark Twain in his book A Tramp Abroad as looking “down through shining leaves into profound chasms and abysses where twilight reigns.”  Next, we travel to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, one of the most well-preserved medieval cities along Germany’s famous “Romantic Road.” Rothenburg’s  iconic quaint streets and picturesque storefronts promise an unforgettable experience. After we visit the Altar of the Holy Blood at St. Jakobskirche Rothenburg (St. Jacob’s Church), we’ll walk along the cobbled streets and visit the famous German Christmas shops.

Day 08 – FRIDAY, JULY 26 – ROTHENBURG ob der TAUBER / AUGSBURG / LANDSBERG / OBERAMMERGAU-  Our tour along the “Romantic Road” through charming Bavaria includes visits to Augsburg, the oldest city in Bavaria, founded in 15 B.C. on orders of the Emperor Augustus, and inhabited ever since. Landsberg am Lech is on our itinerary for today. With a rich history since its founding in the 1300’s, Landsberg am Lech is also famous for more modern history. Here Adolph Hitler was imprisoned in 1924, and here he wrote, with Rudolph Hess, his book Mein Kampf.  After leaving Landsberg am Lech, we will visit additional picturesque Bavarian villages along the way to Oberammergau.

Day 09 – SATURDAY, JUNE 27 – OBERAMMERGAU / PASSION PLAY  –  This morning is free to enjoy the delightful

village of Oberammergau that may include taking the cable car to the top of the mountain, the Laber, for  a spectacular view of the Ammergau Alps.  This afternoon, Part I of the Passion Play begins at 2:30 PM.  We break for dinner from 5:00 until 8:00 PM, at which time Part II begins and continues until 10:30 PM.  The famous Passion Play has been performed every 10 years since 1634 by the residents of Oberammergau as an act of thanksgiving for having been spared from the bubonic plague that was ravaging the region.  It depicts the events in the life of Christ from his visit to Jerusalem to the crucifixion and the resurrection.  The play is a captivating and emotive play, a testimony of religious faith and an outstanding cultural event!


 Day 10 – SUNDAY, JUNE 28 – OBERAMMERGAU / MUNICH / USA  –  After breakfast, we transfer to Munich for out flight back to the USA.

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