200217 – 10 Day Israel Tour Hosted by Pastor Cameron Smith


February 17-26, 2020


Based on Double Occupancy



Destination: Israel

Highlights: Tel Megiddo, Mt. of Beatitudes, Beit She’an, Jericho, Masada, Mt. of Olives and Western Wall Tunnel





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Why go to Israel?

I think Ruth Everhart expressed the need well: “Saint Jerome [347-420] sequestered himself in Bethlehem to do his biblical translation work. He wanted to inhabit the place that Jesus had inhabited. Presumably, the Latin Vulgate issued from a study underneath the Church of the Nativity. Jerome also offers a phrase that suggests a different way to be in relationship to this land: he calls the Holy Land the ‘Fifth Gospel.’ [Jerome referred to the land of Israel/Palestine as ‘the fifth gospel’, meaning that in order to fully understand the story of the Bible you have to understand how the land has helped shape the story.] Have we read this Fifth Gospel? Too often we act as if the land itself were mute, as if it sits before us like a victim, or a crime scene, or perhaps a stone-faced teacher. But a Gospel bears good news. This land can help us taste the good news, to digest and embody it. The land itself can become a character: the breeze kissing or stinging our cheeks, the waves lapping at our toes with comfort or force, the sand continually resisting our footfalls. We hear Jesus’ words differently when we stand in Galilee and watch the light move over distant water. His teachings feel closer to the bone. The Fifth Gospel still speaks. The meadow and the water and the light still issue their invitation. Jesus still uses a canvas of sand to write his lessons. He teaches with lilies and bread, with cup and yeast, with mustard seed and birds. He heals with mud and spit. It’s not metaphorical. Can you smell the fish Jesus is broiling on the beach to feed us?”~ Reading the Fifth Gospel, June 6, 2014. The Christian Century Guest Post.

I hope you will prayerfully consider a trip to the Holy Land with us in February 2020.I confess, a trip to the Land was not on my “Bucket List.” Not even close! But, I did, reluctantly, take up the invite from a friend. And, Wow! So thankful I did. 

No, you do not need to go to the Holy Land to experience Jesus. But if you want to experience Jesus and walk in the “footprints” of the Bible, then by all means, come on! 

Please look over the itinerary. It is jam up with sights you have been reading about for years. My aim with this trip is to enable you to soak-in the experience. We will provide the running narrative — history, geography, points of interest, orientation, etc.— for you to get the most out of the trip; and we will allow you to see the Land without unnecessary busy-ness. Explore. Enjoy. You may never get the chance again, and we want you to savor the time.

Gods Richest Blessings,
In Christ,
Pastor Cameron Smith


FROM WASHINGTON DULLES                                         THROUGHOUT 7 NIGHTS

     VIA UNITED AIRLINES                                         Tiberias – 3 nights – Sea of Galilee Hotel

Jerusalem – 4 nights – Leonardo Plaza





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