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Kick Back and Give Back in the Bahamas

Help the Bahamas Recover From Hurricane Dorian by Taking a Vacation!

September 2019 was a devastating time for the Bahamas as Hurricane Dorian swept through. The islands rely heavily on tourism to sustain their economy and way of life. You don’t have to be part of a mission trip or humanitarian aid team to help. You can just book your next family vacation, honeymoon, or weekend getaway to one of the Bahamian destinations that was spared during the storm. The Exumas, Paradise Island, and Nassau are open for business and eager to host guests!

There are countless ways to enjoy your trip to the Bahamas. The islands appeal to beachgoers, fishing enthusiasts, scuba divers, and more. The Exumas are famous for their swimming pigs, beautiful beaches, and culinary delights. Paradise Island is full of activities and is a great destination for families. The Atlantis Resort and Casino is a popular draw to Paradise Island. Paradise Island is an adventurer’s playground, you can snorkel, water ski, and parasail at popular Cabbage Beach, the possibilities are endless. Nassau has it all. Whether you are interested in history, food, art, beaches, or nature, there is always something to see and explore.

By traveling to the Bahamas you can truly make an impact. Hotels, restaurants, tour companies, and others on the islands need to stay busy to rebuild their economy that was horribly affected by Hurricane Dorian. Talk to your travel agent today to learn more about how you can kick back, and give back in the Bahamas.