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Cruising Alaska

Think Alaska is just looking at snow-capped mountains and watching an occasional whale emerge from the sea? Think again! Alaska is one of those special places that makes nearly everyone’s bucket list of travel destinations, or at least it should.

There are many ways to experience Alaska, the most popular way being cruises and cruise tours. When cruising Alaska you have a choice of routes to take. You can cruise one-way on the Gulf of Alaska route heading either North or Southbound. These routes are popular because they allow you to see more of Alaska by offering land tour extensions before and/or after your cruise. Another option is the Inside Passage route, a roundtrip journey that allows you to unpack your suitcase once on the ship and enjoy the convenience of flying in/out of the same airport.

Whether you go for the legendary views and wildlife, to learn more about the rich Alaskan culture and history, or just to switch things up from your usual Caribbean cruise, Alaska cruising is an enchanting journey of a lifetime.