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Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief Travel FAQ

How do I qualify for a reduced rate for Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief Travel?

You will need a letter from the organization on their letterhead that you will be working with that informs the airline of the intent and scope of work you will be carrying out while on your trip. This needs to be carried with you when you travel. If you do not have this letter, the airline can deny your discounted rate.

Do I need a travel agent to get the special humanitarian aid and disaster relief rate?

Yes. These rates can only be accessed by travel agencies who have contracts with the airlines to offer the rates. Wilcox World Travel and Tours / American Express Representative has been offering humanitarian aid and disaster relief rates since 1953. We are one of the few in the country authorized to offer these rates.

What if something happens while I am overseas?

We highly recommend travel insurance, especially one that includes medical evacuation in case of emergency. Visit (preferred provider)

Are there other restrictions other than carrying out work while I am there?

Yes, these rates normally require a minimum stay of a week. Rates depend on destination, carriers, and other details, so call today for a consultation.

I need to take extra luggage with me. Will I have to pay the extra baggage fee?

This also depends on the carrier. Some carriers have relaxed restrictions on baggage for relief travel. Let us know when you call, and we can look for airlines that offer a higher baggage allowance.