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Group Tour FAQ

What’s included with a Wilcox World Travel and Tours / American Express Representative Group Tour?

We’ve included everything, from airfare, taxes, fuel surcharges, transportation, deluxe or luxury accommodations, sightseeing entrance fees, breakfast and dinner, and tips. Based on our experience planning hundreds of tours, we do not include lunch, as we find that it is hard to tell where a group will be on a given day, and this can lead to people feeling rushed at the morning sights or not ready for lunch when it is time. Each tour guide knows of a variety of places to eat lunch, and can make the decision based on when it is right for the group.

I’ve read about tours that mix groups together. Do you do that?

No. Unless a leader specifically asks, all of our groups are private. Each group operates on its own timetable, in their own motor coach, and with its own guide and driver.

I’ve seen other tours that are less expensive. Why is there a price difference?

There are a lot of variables that go into pricing a tour. First, you need to make sure that you are making an equal comparison. We include taxes and fees, which to some destinations; can be as high as $600. Some companies give a base price, with small print that says, “Plus taxes and fuel surcharge.” We price that in for you, so you know what the total price is. We also include tips. While we have offered standard accommodations in the past, we have found that standard accommodations do not satisfy the majority of group members, which is our ultimate goal. We offer deluxe and luxury accommodations. Prices can also vary by the number of participants. A group of 45 will have a lower cost than a group of 15.