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Become a Tour Host

Become A Tour Host - A Tour Host Delivers a Message to his Group

A Tour Host Delivers a Message to his Group

Become a tour host

Hosting a Christian tour will be one of the most rewarding trips of your life. Become a tour host and as a pastor, educator, author, or other person of influence, you can increase your knowledge, influence, experience, earn free travel and help others experience traveling with a purpose and traveling with like minded people. Groups need to be cultivated and cared for, questions answered while on the tour, and problems solved. In fact, if your group is large enough, you can earn cash over and above the frees taken to compensate you for your time and effort in promoting and hosting a group.

We specialize in offering Christian Tours to the Holy Land, including Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and Turkey, a Journeys of Paul Tour and Middle Eastern Cruising. We also have escorted tours to Europe, South America, and Christian Theme Cruising in the Caribbean and Alaska.

Become a tour host - Tour Members Affirm Their Faith at the Western Wall

Tour Members Affirm Their Faith at the Western Wall

A group needs a minimum of 15 passengers. Discounts are given for larger groups, so be careful when starting out to make sure your estimate is realistic. If your tour is priced based on a minimum of 45 passengers, and only 15 sign up, the quoted tour price will go up.

“Most Tour Hosts, when first starting out, need to estimate their group size conservatively for their first trip. It’s always easy to lower the price if you get more passengers than expected, but raising the cost is hard for passengers to understand.”
– Robin Cady, Director of Operations, International Group Division, Wilcox World Travel and Tours / American Express Representative

Wilcox World Travel and Tours/American Express has been operating Christian tours since 1969. Over the years, we have discovered various operational processes that will assist in making your Christian tour the most memorable tour your passengers can take.

What Does Wilcox Travel Do for the Tour Host and Participants?

We want you to be successful in planning, promoting, and leading your tour group. Over the years, we have developed a highly structured system for keeping your tour organized and providing support for your tour. Your job is to promote it and to travel with the tour. We provide everything else.

Your Own Tour Number – Upon receipt of your completed Tour Host Acceptance Agreement, deposit check, color photograph, and letter of invitation, we will assign a tour number and open a file exclusively for your tour.

Brochures and Internet Web Site – We will design, print, and send personalized brochures (up to 250 at our cost) directly to you for promotion. We will also publish your tour free of charge on our Internet site along with your picture and a personalized invitation from you to prospective tour members.

Daily Accounting and Record Keeping – Each day all information pertaining to your tour is recorded (deposits, domestic air requests, optional tour requests, rooming, payments, etc.).

Passenger Information – When we receive the initial deposit, a letter of acknowledgment is mailed to the passenger along with an itemized billing statement and a general pamphlet on your destination that will answer most general questions about weather, clothing, passports, trip insurance, etc.

Statements – After a deposit is received from your passengers, we will send a bimonthly statement to every passenger. Your passengers can make installment payments with the full balance due 90-60 days prior to departure.

Tour Information – To keep you updated on your tour status, we will e-mail, mail or fax you a status report on your tour giving you names and addresses of all registered tour members. For a small charge for labels, we can also supply you with name and address labels to do a mailing to your participants or we will e-mail you a file with the names and addresses for you to import into your computer system for a mailout. We can also provide email addresses, if requested.

Tour Host Benefits – If your group is large enough, you can earn cash over and above the frees taken to compensate you for your time and effort in promoting and hosting a group. We will pay you all earned benefits, prior to departure, on all passengers who have paid us in full for the tour.

Final Documents – Approximately 14 days prior to tour departure, each fully paid tour participant will receive a personalized document folder containing the following:

  • Airline tickets and itinerary
  • Final information letter recapping the tour, i.e., passport, luggage tags, airline check-in procedures, transfers, currency, weather, dress, and any other final advice needed
  • Address, phone, url address (if available), and fax numbers for each hotel they will be visiting
  • Name badge, color-coded baggage tags, and a Wilcox World Travel and Tours flight bag
Become a tour host - Performing a Baptism in the River Jordan

This tour host, a preacher, performs baptisms for his flock in the River Jordan.

Signature Tour Series

We have created various popular itinerates that we label our Signature Tours. People spend a lifetime dreaming of walking the streets of Jerusalem,  visiting Nazareth, floating in the Dead Sea, and seeing the empty tomb. The Bible springs to life in a whole new way when one walks where Jesus walked. Favorite extensions are Jordan, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, and Italy (Catholic Vatican). Our Journeys of Paul is perfect for tour hosts wanting to explore the world of the Apostle Paul. Tour Salamis, on the Island of Cyprus, which came under Roman control in the first century B.C. and was the home of many Jews during Paul’s time. See the ruins of Philippi, a cosmopolitan city blended with Greek and Latin traditions, where Paul spent time preaching and teaching. And who can forget the city of Ephesus with the spectacular amphitheater and streets of ruins.

We have many European Tour Itinerates that cover different denominational historical sites. From Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodists to Lutheran itineraries, our European tours are second to none. From a Martian Luther Reformation tour in Germany to a Spiritual Heritage tour in England and Scotland, our itineraries are full of various historical sites and cities. Visit cities such as, Augsburg, Berlin, Leipzig, Rothenburg, Wittenberg in Germany, London, John Newton’s Olney, Edinburgh and Oxford in England and Scotland, just to name a few.

Custom Tours

Become a tour host - A Tour Group Visits the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

A Tour Group Visits the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

If you require a tour that is not included in our Signature Tours Series, we will gladly create a custom itinerary for you, based on specific information you provide. The fee for this additional service of historical research, writing, and travel planning begins at $500.00 and is based on the complexities of the desired itinerary. But at Wilcox World Travel and Tours/American Express we offer this promise, we will refund your custom itinerary fee upon completion of tour. Please contact us if you are interested in this service. We have land operators around the world that are ready to make your group tour an exceptional one.

With decades of experience and feedback, we know what our customers expect. While other companies may have a brochure price that is lower than ours, we include many items that are normally not included. We have found that passengers hate to get nickel and dimed during their tour or have many additional costs added to their tour after they sign up. The happy traveler at the end of the tour is our goal.

Standard Group Features Wilcox World Travel and Tours / American Express Representative Other Companies
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Breakfast and Dinner
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Superior or Deluxe Hotel
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Private Motor Coach
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Custom Printed Brochures
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Custom Group Web Page
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$250,000 Flight Insurance
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We welcome the opportunity to operate your next Christian tour so you can see the difference Wilcox World Travel and Tours/American Express can make for you and your passengers.