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Royal Caribbean: World’s Largest, Innovative Cruise Ships

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Royal Caribbean is well known for being the second largest cruise company in the world, but I bet most do not know that four of their 23 ships are the biggest (gross tonnage in volume) cruise vessels in the world. All of these cruise ships can hold anywhere from 4,000 to over 5,000 passengers.

Founded in 1968, this cruise line has been changing the world of cruising ever since. Their desire to create innovative ships began in the 1980’s and has continued into their most recent ship, Anthem of the Seas. This ship is ranked as the third largest cruise vessel in the world, coming in behind two other Royal Caribbean ships.

Royal Caribbean takes pride in their cruise ships, no matter the size, but their biggest ones definitely offer the most innovative experiences for a cruiser. Some of their most recent onboard activities include; ice skating, rock climbing, onboard surfing, zip lining, a golf simulator and many more experiences. An added benefit is that because there are so many options, the lines for each activity are likely to be shorter.

Being a large ship has befits that go beyond just the offered activities. Many of their ships offer over twenty places to eat, a spa, a fitness center, amplitude of entertainment options, and designated areas for all ages of the family. Not to mention, if you like having the option to not see the same people all the time, a large cruise ship is perfect for you.

Some would even call these big cruise vessels a floating city. The choices available on large cruise ships are endless. You are not limited to only a few activities when traveling on one of Royal Caribbean’s ships. Whether you feel like lying by one of their multiple pools, or zip lining through the sky, the choice is yours.

These large cruise ships are truly innovative, full of activities, and have a city-like feel while still being out in the middle of the ocean. It will be interesting to see what Royal Caribbean comes up with next.

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